Welcome to the Washington County Regional Contest

Important Dates & Times

Thursday March 04, 2021 at 12:00 AM

Welcome to Washington County History Day!

Contest Results:


2021 Washington County Regional Contest Results.pdf

 Virtual Showcase

Key: 731d4303-5eb0-4847-8aed-33bb9ae077a1

*To share the Showcase with relatives,

please send the link and share the key as well. 


Contest Details:

  • VIRTUAL CONTEST for 2021! 
  • Awards Ceremony: March 2 (Google Slides)
  • Judging: February 17 - 27
  • Project Submission Deadline: February 10
  • Registration: January 1 - February 10
  • Location: ONLINE

ALL PROJECTS will be submitted online this year. 

  • Your projects must be completed and submitted by February 10 at 10:00pm.  
  • Websites: All websites will lock for judging at 10:00 pm on Feb. 10. Be sure to save your final changes before this deadline.
  • There are no fees to register for NHD contests in Utah.

Student Behavior Expectations

  • Students are expected to conduct themselves, in person and online, in a manner that brings credit to themselves and their schools.
  • Treat other competitors with respect at all times.
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